Burnt out and staring down a dead end career, ambition called as years were fading. Then, a monumental choice ignited a soul-searching quest. As a roller coaster ride of events shifted everything.

I’ve been honored to keynote conferences and have been featured and written for, The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and I am contributor for Chicken Soup for the Soul.

"Vidal, your story is such an uplifting one."

— Deborah Norville
— Deborah Norville Inside Edition Television Anchor, National media journalist

I am a Chicken Soup for the Soul Contributor, Media Strategist, Product Launch Strategist, and Author

Years ago, I jumped at the opportunity to shift careers and I learned the hard way how the setbacks become the incubator for the greatest success.

In September of 2009, depressed as I awoke in a jail cell as my name was plastered all over the local news channels as the driver in a high-speed chase -- I'd crashed and hit rock bottom.

Picking myself up, I discovered a book that was filled with 101 inspirational stories.

That book was the original first edition, “Chicken soup for the Soul.”

How did the turnaround happen?

By hanging on to this mantra

"If the worst nightmare can happen, then so can the best outcome possible — Why not?!?"

As my worst nightmare unfolded, greater opportunities turned things around.

Immersing myself into personal development, peak performance conferences, and learning from millionaire mentors life shifted in an upward trajectory.

My first strategy session with my first client years ago, resulted in him going from brokenness to finding success and winning his wife and family back, made sharing my strategies with clients worth it.

Now I work with entrepreneurs and authors around crafting a powerful message that elicits publicity and media coverage.

I mention this not to impress you, but to impress upon you the hidden gifts we access when tragedies hit, pay attention as greater opportunities arise; as the pain is the price and our message is the vehicle towards success.

I enjoy inspiring audiences as a speaker, working with soon-to-be authors and elite level entrepreneurs as a media strategist, which makes life absolutely fulfilling, and what I live for today.

The Vision & Mission

Ignite purpose through strategic life design and amplify your message to reach millions.

  • Amy Newmark, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief at Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing

    “Vidal, loved your story of forgiveness.”

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