TB 52: Virginia Jimenez

Betrayal Ignites a Soul-Searching Journey

Meet Virginia Jimenez, she has been featured in The Good Men Project, co-emceed an award show at Podcast Movement. Virginia is a sky-diver, poet, fitness instructor, and coach.

Virginia has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Florida International University and is a certified Body Language Coach.

Virginia runs workshops that bridge awareness and understanding through the power of choice, presence, and perceptiveness.

Show highlights

  • Short exercise routine
  • Journal entry
  • Meditation

“Go at the speed of life.”

  1. Think big picture.
  2. Honor your emotions but don’t let them own you.
  3. Become comfortable with the uncomfortable.


“Elevating consciousness around love.”

“The magic happens in that space of discomfort.”

Years ago, Virginia was not doing what she was meant to be doing in life. Listen as she shares her story and more.

Virginiainspires.com https://www.facebook.com/virginiainspires/

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