TB 48: Erica Castner

Meet Erica Castner, Erica has been featured in the Huffington Post and in Social Media Examiner. Erica is the founder of Queen of Results Business Coaching and the host of “Power Factor Biz Chat.”

Show highlights

“‘I was either going to be dead or divorced by the time I was 35.”

“If we don’t have the thing that’s rocking  our core figured out all the how to in the world isn’t going to mean a darn thing if we can’t address what’s rocking our core.”

“You cannot give birth to an adult.”

Through years of helping thousands of businesses, Erica Castner has identified the key factor to turn your ideas and goals into results and accomplishments. Erica bridges the gap between where they are now and the next level they want to achieve. 

 Years ago, Erica found herself at a weekend event and needed to resolve her alcohol addiction and accept the root of the cause before she’d overcome her identity crisis.


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