Forgiveness & Video Marketing

Meet Meg Le Vu, Meg is a best-selling Amazon author who has been featured in The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur. Meg is a video marketer extraordinaire and the host of “Get In The Lab.”

Megan started out as a typical worker bee and graduated from Cal State Fullerton and moved to the Orange County in 2008. After college, she entered into the world of government work and inspected businesses for proper use of hazardous materials.

“As long as your not dead you can figure out your next move.”

Completely unfulfilled and miserable Megan quit that job to jump into the world of creating a business online. To make the transition happen, Megan became a full-time photographer alongside her husband (eta 12/4/15) Kevin in their wedding photography business.backyard-1

Still feeling unsatisfied, Megan began to create the role she wanted for herself by becoming the sole content creator and marketer for their business and her own. Now retired from shooting, Megan continues to help grow their wedding business via training, content creation and branding.



Show Highlights:

“Figure out your go-to move.”

“Your trump card is to be original and own it.”

Listen in as Meg shares an untold personal story of forgiveness and a personal secret that held her back from forgiving and igniting her real passion.

Connect with Meg Le Vu http://getinthelab.me

The Book http://thevideomarketerscookbook.com

Follow Meg on IG @MeganjPhoto

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