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Obsession is a strong force, but clarity is Yoda.

"Obsession is a strong force, but clarity is Yoda."

“Obsession is a strong force, but clarity is Yoda.”

When things hit a point of no return, sometimes we’re left wondering;

“What the heck just happened???”

Fortunately, before the point of no return hits there are subtle signs left for us to sift through that might tell exactly went wrong.

As a divorcee with a double major in “What not to do” and “Worst case scenario”, I would think;

How in the world did I get through everything hitting me all at once?

Looking back, I had to figure it all out on the fly.

For example:

How to move my thinking from being the man of the house and sole provider; to moving in with family members and starting from scratch with a felony, foreclosure, divorce and bankruptcy all looming over my head.

For years, after the separation, after the divorce and the six months of incarceration, I was left wondering;

How am I ever going to accomplish and achieve any goals and dreams now?

Before the crazy storm of events hit, I was on a natural high with momentum.

Personal development was at an all-time high and the success train was chugging along.

Until, a spell of events derailed those dreams and nearly choked every bit of ambition from me.

Fortunately, the worst stuff gave way to something more profound than goals and dreams but instead to finding something greater . .


With purpose in my back pocket, I felt content but not satisfied.

The next journey was just beginning, but even more questions were flying around in my mind stunting growth.

Then, like a Jedi-master contemplating how to save the universe in the midst of chaos . . clarity came crashing down with Yoda-like wisdom and it declared:

“Clarity happens in the doing.”

Then, with wisdom providing moral support, I sat down and wrote out my highest priority goals, then I wrote over 10,000 words that evening.

Then, as promised insight came pouring in to which direction to head. I was off and running with crystal clear ideas.

Sometimes cliches die hard but I learned that the more I focus on the habit of doing the work, the easier the impossible becomes.

In the past, I was a fan of using obsessive hours to acquire new skills, but when aiming for clarity, it brings with it original thought and new creativity which makes the work effortless.

Sometimes obsessive behavior feels more like non-stop churning with wheels spinning versus, clarity’s state of effortless flow and relaxed disciplined focus.

I’ve learned to aim for clarity and above all stay in the habit of doing it consistently — the momentum alone is priceless.

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