Burnt out and staring down a dead end career, ambition called as years were fading. Then, a monumental choice ignited a soul-searching quest. As a roller coaster ride of events shifted everything.

I’ve been honored to keynote conferences and have been featured and written for, The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and I am contributor for Chicken Soup for the Soul.

"Vidal, your story is such an uplifting one."

— Deborah Norville
— Deborah Norville Inside Edition Television Anchor, National media journalist

Years ago, discovering the vision, I jumped at the opportunity to shift careers. Unknowing that it would lead to a path of overcoming marital betrayal (with special circumstances), alcohol abuse, job loss, divorce, six months incarcerated, bankruptcy, and facing personal devastations I wish upon no one. Some how it would all make sense.

With personal tragedies unfolding in a span of eighteen months, persevering was far from easy, but with faith, gratitude and the right guidance a new path emerged as clarity shined through solidified the mission.

Despite a tarnished record, I've been fortunate to work for two Fortune 500 companies and honored to have keynoted conferences and share a story of tragedy to triumph.

The setbacks truly become the incubator for the greatest comeback.

In September of 2009,watching remnants of a marriage crumbling, I’d hit rock bottom. Basked in an alcoholic depression as I awoke in a jail cell and heard my name plastered all over the local news outlets as the driver in a high-speed chase.

Picking myself up from that jail cell floor, I discovered a book within those jailhouse walls that was filled with 101 inspirational stories.

That book was the original, “Chicken soup for the Soul.”

How did the turnaround happen?

By hanging on to this mantra

"If the worst nightmare can happen, then so can the best outcome possible — Why not?!?"

The worst nightmare possible unfolded into greater opportunities as life shifted.

Immersing myself into thousands of hours into therapy, personal development resources, peak performance conferences, and learning from millionaire mentors and coaches life shifted in an upward trajectory.

Coaching my first client years ago, from brokenness to winning his wife and family back, made going through my personal tragedies worth gifting my strategies and insights to students.

I mention this not to impress you, but to impress upon you the hidden gifts we are able to access when tragedies hit, through suffering greater opportunities arise after every crisis.

Sharing the journey, inspiring audiences, and coaching clients through their mess and igniting their message is what makes life fulfilling, and what I live for.

The Vision & Mission

Ignite purpose through strategic life design and amplify your message to reach millions.

  • Amy Newmark, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief at Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing

    “Vidal, loved your story of forgiveness.”

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