TB 50: Jason Treu

Secret Weapon For CEO’S

Meet Jason Treu, CEO’s call Jason their “Secret weapon.” (Secretly, of course.) Jason Treu has helped clients generate over a billion dollars in wealth over the past three years.


  • Jason Treu spent seven years in Silicon Valley working with Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, and others at companies such as Apple, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Pixar, Yahoo! and many others
  • Jason Treu has helped clients meet top influencers such as Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Peter Diamandis, Chris Anderson and others.
  • Jason wrote a #1 best seller, Social Wealth, that’s been #1 in four business categories on Amazon, and sold over 40,000 copies
  • Jason has been a guest expert on more than 400+ podcasts, radio, and TV shows in the past year

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Learn more about Jason at Jasontreu.com

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