COMMITMENTS VS. DECISIONS What’s the difference?

Having a commitment to you the listeners of creating a podcast episode each week is a MUST.

Having a commitment of publishing my book this year, is another MUST.

Commitment takes conviction and conviction can spark a movement.

The conviction of M.L.K. Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Nelson Mandela has sparked movements to liberate the oppressed.

Conviction plus unwavering action is proof commitment exists.

Decisions fall stale and can waver into indecision and procrastination

But committed action and unwavering conviction can change the world

On thing I love about the TED talks and independent TEDx platform is their mission:

“ideas worth spreading that change the world.”

They’re committed to changing the world one powerful idea at a time.

decisions are small micro-steps, rungs on the daily ladder,

Commitment is the ladder we’ve chosen to climb and that ladder is our lifestyle

Commitments pull us and decisions when not backed by commitment can slowly allow indecision to creep in.

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