Transitioning through tough times Pt. 2

Transitioning through tough times is rough, but it’s meant to challenge us.

Trying times create desperate measures, unfortunately.

Years ago, all I had was a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the boxes with stuff I used and things that were a part of my past, that I needed to let go.

How does one go from being married, the head of a household as the sole provider, having it all; family, cars and a house to becoming a depressed, homeless, lost, hot mess, searching for self?

I had transitioned into a new job and I was experiencing a career change from a job I had known for nine plus years, and also being separated from my family.

How was I going to get through the changes, all at once? 

I desperately tried to hang on to hope, but I had to let go of that hope and that past life.

Yup, not easy after so many years building a family, career and investing time in those you love.

Getting over devastating changes takes focus to envision a new future with a new identity.

Hanging on to the past, means letting go isn’t in the cards.

I remember being so fed up with looking foolish that I had to internally find a way to move forward and let it all go, and be absolutely okay with that decision and the represcussions.

Nope, not an easy task at all, but guess what?

Fortunately, the pain of looking foolish was enough to propel new action.


Stepping into the ‘The power of choice’ is vital.

The power of choice: The first step before action takes place, we must decide.

So I lined up with the intention and took immediate action despite numerous fears.

I fought each fear one at a time and then from that point forth, nothing was going to hold me back from being happy.


“Most people navigate through life with hindsight, through the lens of past experiences and failures.

A person with a strong sense of self navigates with foresight, through the lens of faith and an intentional pursuit of happiness.”


Be intentional  with the purpose-driven choices we make today, for they create a better tomorrow.

I will be continuing this ‘Transitioning through tough times’ series all week.

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