Transitioning through tough times Pt. 1

“Life hits when we least expect it.”

Transitioning through tough times

As a lot of us may be going through times of transition in our lives right now and that’s okay.

Life is filled with ‘ups and downs’, sometimes more downs than ups and vice versa.

Isn’t it funny how when the worst times hit we need a drink or someone to talk to to deal with the stress.

Yes, I’ve been there and it might be a nice release to get inebriated. It might feel good to unload our stress on someone else, but it all carries repercussions.

Our health doesn’t get better with each time we binge drink and our friends might not find our rehashing of every event a good productive phone conversation.

Then we try and go back to regular life and nothing gets solved, and emotions begin to fester again.

We need that drink and phone conversation which leads us into a vicious cycle.
Obviously life doesn’t always miraculously stop when the chaos shows up, and life doesn’t always give us a moment to digest everything and gain wise perspective overnight.

It takes time, to clear one’s thoughts and gain a grip on the situation and have some quiet time.

So as I reflect back to the days of massive transition for myself, and how rude awakenings had me shook up.

I picture a man who didn’t know how to accept his circumstances and did not want to let go of the past.

Changing is hard, it happens through days, weeks, months of discipline and self-assessment.

I did break free after time, but big things happened when I began leveraging ‘the power of choice’.

Do I stay in a state of confusion?

Or do I choose to move forward and into a place of clarity?

This isn’t exactly what I asked myself, but that’s how I was showing up.

Confused, pissed and overwhelmed. I was completely lost with what to do.

So I woke up to facing my fears and found a way to get over my worst obstacles at the time, and push out the day-to-day stress and nightmare to think clearly with ‘the power of choice’.

I also learned, being in the same place too long only means you’ll be there that much longer, so I walked away before things got worse.

The choices we make today, impact tomorrow that much more.

The power of choice: Choices made are the first step before action strikes.

I will be continuing this ‘Transitioning through tough times’ series all week.



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