Transitioning through tough times Pt. 3

If all you see is how hard change is, you won’t make it.

Years ago, all I knew was my life sucked immensely and I was drinking more than ever, but nobody knew how much.

The drinking had finally caught up to me and I had spiraled into the deepest of depressions, but nobody knew how bad.

How was I going to get through betrayal (plus more), divorce, job loss, situational alcoholism and six months of incarceration, all by myself?

Pretty heavy? Yes, it was super heavy on my soul, but I wasn’t going to get through it alone.

In theory, we might think professional therapy and feel good Sunday church sessions, are all we need to get through the worst of times.

Let me say, it greatly helped for a season, but I was wrong. I needed more.

Things radically changed when I found the right coaching, the right community and when I opened up to being completely honest with myself.

I’m an ordinary guy but was going through an extraordinary situation.

When ordinary people fight through extraordinary situations with growth as the focused result, internal emotional muscles become stronger and each step becomes easier with the growth.

We have internal beliefs of what we can handle, and where our breaking point is but that is all a chosen perspective.

When the internal belief inside of us is greater than the situation, this is when the magic happens.


Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer



Years ago, I sat in a jail cell for four days straight after fleeing from a sheriff officer and eluding him twice, but crashed and injured another driver (thankful he only suffered a broken collar bone)

but I was so lost and depressed. My world had been flipped upside down, with complete devastation.

As I sat in that cold cell, I prayed for a higher source to reach out to me as I cried and pleaded for help.

Up to that point, I had done things with my prayer that were powerful, but felt nothing like this.

As I began my fast for four days, something happened.

The prayer warriors confined with me welcomed me into their prayer circles. (This is when things shifted and I felt something I never felt before.)

I learned, the more open and seriously we approach prayer and fasting, the more profound the results and transformation.


 The master key to epic change: The power of prayer and fasting

The power of prayer and fasting:

I understand the biblical teachings around prayer and fasting, but that’s not what I’m referring too.

What I experienced, I’ve never felt inside of any church walls or within church groups.

Inside those confined jail walls I saw, when the human spirit is broken, lost and whole-heartedly seeking the positive side of the universe through God/creator/source of life,

things move powerfully and fast. Prayer and fasting contain the power to change lives.

Silhouette of a Man Praying

Prayer and fasting carry great power to transform.



I saw in those moments of complete brokenness is where real transformation and life-changing epiphanies enter when we choose to align with them.

There I poured in inspiration into my soul, from wherever I could find it.

I found it in books like the original classic, “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, and the bible.

I listened to inspirational stories of people who had changed their lives while being incarcerated for years for murder, bank robbery, and other crimes.

What I experienced in those four days I will never forget, and what I learned in there about transformation couldn’t be taught to me at a conference or inside a church,

real world experience trumps all.

I discovered something powerful;

until you are broken and not just broken,

but completely broken,

you will be as a fresh piece of clay that can be formed into something that can serve others as God has created you to do.


To close out this Transitioning through tough times series

If you find yourself in a state of loneliness, sadness, depression and loss. It is a season of change and it’s all part of the process of transformation.

Inside this process is a lesson that gives you a gift of inner strength.


My mantra that I live by when life get’s rough is simple:


“It’s temporary, keep going.”


To your abundant success!


Vidal Cisneros Jr.

Visionary Life Coach, Speaker, Author and I write for the

Story soon to be featured in: “Chicken Soup for the Soul -Think Possible” Oct. 6th, 2015


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